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Greetings from Jeff Elman, Acting Dean

When I arrived at UCSD in 1977, the campus comprised four colleges, a School of Medicine and a student population of less than 15,000. Today, UCSD encompasses six colleges and a host of specialized graduate schools. This fall, the campus will welcome nearly 6,000 new students, bringing the total population to just under 26,100 graduate and undergraduate students. UCSD has the second highest application rate in the University of California system, with more than 43,000 undergraduate applications for fall 2006 admission.

Of the 24,000+ undergraduate students enrolled at UCSD, nearly half of them will major in one of the social sciences. In fact, three of the five most popular majors at UCSD are in social sciences: economics, political science and psychology.

With the additional students come new faculty. I am pleased to welcome the following new faculty to Social Sciences: Marisa Abrajano, Political Science; Alan Daly, Education Studies; Janice Jenkins, Anthropology; Morana Alac, Communication; James Andreoni, Economics; Gordon Dahl, Economics; Irina Telyukova, Economics; Adria Imada, Ethnic Studies; Pal Ahluwalia, Ethnic Studies; K. Wayne Wang, Ethnic Studies; Ivano Caponigro, Linguistics; Roger Levy, Linguistics; James Fowler, Political Science; Sebastian Saiegh, Political Science; Adam Aron, Psychology; and David Fitzgerald, Sociology.

Whether it was the caliber of students and curriculum, the stellar faculty, the research opportunities, or simply the weather that drew these new faculty and students to our university, I am confident they have chosen wisely. Welcome to the UCSD family!

Social Sciences News

Cognitive scientist and acting dean of the Division of Social Sciences, Jeff Elman, wins the $100,000 Rumelhart Prize for "outstanding contributions to the theoretical foundations of cognitive science."

UC San Diego ranked sixth best university by the Washington Monthly 2006 College Guide which based its rankings on how much the school benefits the country.

Is Miramar the answer? Economics professor Richard Carson says the Marine Corps air station is not the solution to San Diego's airport needs.

Two fine Fellows: Political Science professors David Lake and Keith Poole are elected Fellows of the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

UCSD's Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind awards nearly $300,000 in grants for nine projects "focused on ideas that bridge different levels of organization of brain and mind."

Upcoming Events

Economics Roundtable, October 12 - Glenn Hubbard, former chairman, President's Council of Economic Advisors, presents "Tax Policy and International Competitiveness: A Cross-Country Comparison."

Recent Gifts

The Daniel Yankelovich Endowed Chair on Social Thought has been established thanks to a gift from Daniel Yankelovich, a longtime supporter of the division of Social Sciences who currently serves on the Dean's Advisory Council. The chair was established as part of the Chancellor's Chair Challenge.

Armin Afsahi '90 has established the annual Afsahi Prize in Communication, awarded to two outstanding graduating seniors in the Department of Communication. The first awards were given out in June.

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