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Greetings from Paul Drake, Dean

One of the accomplishments of which I am most proud during my tenure as dean has been the strengthening of interdisciplinary relationships among departments within Social Sciences and beyond. As our student population grows and the demands of the marketplace shift, it is more important than ever for our curriculum and faculty to proceed with the broadest view possible.

A stellar example of this cross-collaboration is the Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind (KIBM) at UCSD, which was founded on the principle of combining applied and theoretical science. Cognitive Science, Anthropology, Communication, Linguistics and Psychology of the Social Sciences Division have joined with Computer Science, Neurosciences, Health Sciences and others to create a world-class research entity that transcends the possibilities of any single discipline.

This collegial environment has played a key role in our success and is what attracts many students and faculty to UCSD. Whether you are an alum, parent or friend of Social Sciences, take pride in knowing that you are affiliated with an academic division that is at the forefront of promoting collaboration on campus. And, we've only just begun.

Social Sciences News

The bull-market rise of the Economics department is chronicled by the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Anthropology professor Thomas Levy holds the newly established Norma Kershaw Endowed Chair in the Archaeology of Ancient Israel and Neighboring Lands.

Not your father's CCCP: David Pellow, of Ethnic Studies, discusses the interdisciplinary program he heads up, California Cultures in Comparative Perspective.

Partisan division is explored in two new books by Political Science professors Gary Jacobson and Keith T. Poole.

A fork in memory lane: Psychology chair John Wixted analyzes the role of the hippocampus in two aspects of recognition.

Upcoming Events

UCSD Near You, April 4 and 5 - Samuel Popkin, of Political Science, travels to San Francisco and Silicon Valley for talks on "The Changing Political Landscape."

Social Sciences Supper Club, April 19 - Sociology professor Gershon Shafir considers "Israel After Sharon."

Economics Roundtable, May 3 - George J. Borjas, of Harvard University's JFK School of Government, presents his assessment of what's wrong with U.S. immigration policy.

Cognitive Science Reunion, May 19 and 20 - Featured speakers of the department's first reunion include Paul Smolensky of Johns Hopkins University, founding chair Don Norman and alumnus Robert Glushko.

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